Representation in criminal proceedings

  • Consultation and drafting of criminal complaints
  • drawing up written submissions to authorities involved in criminal proceedings
  • representing the accused in the pre-trial proceedings
  • Defense of defendants in criminal proceedings before courts of all instances
  • writing of ordinary and extraordinary appeals (appeal, complaint for violation of law, proposal for permission to renew proceedings), incl. constitutional complaints
  • Proposals for conditional release from imprisonment, incl. representation in these proceedings
  • Proposals for conditional abandonment of the remainder of the sentence for other sentences, incl. representation in these proceedings
  • Mediation and other alternative ways of ending criminal proceedings
  • Enforcing compensation for damages and satisfaction for the time spent in custody or for unlawful prosecution
  • Securing the right to damages to the injured party and protecting his / her interests in adhesion proceedings
  • Prroviding legal assistance to persons involved in criminal proceedings in connection with the exercise of their rights in civil proceedings

The main task of the defense lawyer is to provide legal assistance to the accused so that all his rights in criminal proceedings are secured, and to clarify all circumstances that rid the accused of guilt or at least significantly weaken his or her guilt. In the field of criminal defense, we analyze the client's position and conduct legal analysis, prepare a defense strategy, provide our clients with all the legal means for defence, seek and challenge procedural defects in the proceedings and seek evidence to support our defense.

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