Comprehensive legal advice in the field of real estate

  • preparation of contractual documentation of all types of real estate transactions (sale, purchase, lease) including related contractual documentation governing the terms and conditions of financing real estate transactions
  • analysis of the legal status of properties, including recommendations for further steps in their subsequent purchase, sale or rental with regard to the results of the analysis
  • representing clients at meetings and proceedings in cadastral and building authorities or other public authorities
  • preparation of construction contracts - for lof conversion, penthouse, extension, construction of the house and statement of the owner of the building (or its change)
  • legal advice on all types of real estate transfers (establishment of pledges, easements, mortgages), including preparation of relevant contractual documentation
  • comprehensive legal support for the realization of developer projects, contractual provision of construction, financing and subsequent operation of the realized objects
  • comprehensive legal advice on specific administrative procedures under the building law

In the field of real estate, we provide comprehensive legal advice (legal reviews, all disposals of real estate, custody of funds on the deposit account of our law firm). We cooperate with financial advisors, tax advisers, real estate agents, land surveyors, engineering specialists, project architects, designers, etc., and we are thus able to provide our clients with complex services in any matter. The goal is to eliminate any potential risks that may arise when executing real estate transactions.

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