Family law and inheritance consultancy

  • Representation in divorce, preparation of applications for divorce
  • Drawing up agreements to settle the community property of spouses, its narrowing or extending
  • Concluding agreements on the care of minors, such as determination of alimony
  • Fulfillment of maintenance obligation (alimony) incl. maintenance of a divorced wife or husband
  • Advice on prenuptial contracts
  • Representation in inheritance procedures/ inheritance disputes
  • Drawing up the will
  • Disinheritance of offspring, partner
  • Family lawyer tasked with supervision of family functioning even after the death of a client, including fulfillment of the last will

The area of ​​family law is an area that is sensitive for clients. We realize this fact very well and therefore we have an individual approach to each client and respect the given circumstances, situation and needs of clients.

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