BPA – Association of Law

BPA - the Association of Law was founded in 2017 by lawyers Ilona Budkova and Kryštof Pazdírek, when these attorneys followed up their established long-term cooperation from previous law offices (Vyšanska, Majer Law Firm s.r.o. and Kryštof Pazdírek Association of Law). Our main focus is on civil, commercial and criminal law. We offer sophisticated and comprehensive legal care in real estate, whether it's developers, individuals or an association of unit owners. We also specialize in recovery of claims. For more details on our services in each fields of law, see the Services section.

Our team always provides maximum professionalism, supported by rich experience and knowledge in the field. We address our clients' requirements in the most effective way to minimize their administrative burden and financial costs. In order to provide the client with the easiest solution, we offer comprehensive care while working with several notaries and executors and with a company involved in the management and recovery of claims on a professional level, including mass recovery of claims.

We are progressive, creative, loyal, and also believe to be a pleasant association of law, which is ready to provide legal assistance to legal entities and individuals to their satisfaction. We emphasize a personal and human approach to each individual client with comprehensible and clear communication. We prefer long-term cooperation with clients based on mutual knowledge and built trust. Our team always acts with the utmost professionalism, created thanks to the rich experience and knowledge in the field. At the same time, we strive to effectively address our clients' requirements while minimizing their administrative burden and financial costs. In practice, our cooperation with clients is characterized by autonomy in order to minimize the burden on the client and to adapt to his needs. In order to ensure the simplest, therefore comprehensive, solution of the client's problems, we cooperate with many certified entities in related fields (notaries, executors, tax advisers, financial advisers, real estate agencies, etc.). In short, we try to simplify and not complicate the lives and work of our clients.

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