IT Law and E-commerce

  • Review and modification of terms of use of software and hardware products
  • Preparation of all documentation for outsourcing of IT services or software implementation
  • Legal advice on the creation of web portals and projects using information technology
  • Distance contracts concluded in relation to purschases on-line
  • Transfers, sales and purchases of e-shops and contracts for the sale of e-shops
  • Relations with suppliers (B2B) as well as with customers and consumers (B2C)
  • Creating and transferring databases of customers and business partners
  • Creating and revising the general e-shop terms and conditions
  • Copyrights in the Internet environment (use of texts, graphics, photos on websites) and copyright infringement in the Internet
  • Domains - domain transfers and sales, domain transfer agreements, domain disputes
  • Personal data protection
  • Business messages (so-called 'mailings')
  • Representation before the Office for Personal Data Protection in the area of Privacy Policy and business messages (mailings)

With the development of information technology, the demand for legal services connected to it is growing. In response to this demand, our office provides comprehensive legal care based on proven practical experience in all areas including software implementation, outsourcing of IT services, server hosting, cloud services.

Furthermore, in the coming years e-commerce will become more up-to-date with the gradual transition of purchasing power from physical stores to the Internet. Our Association of Law is ready to help you with everything related to online trading. The most typical type of e-commerce are online stores: e-shops, online marketplaces, auction systems, websites offering various services, but also online advertising, affiliate marketing, internet marketing and other e-commerce tools. Visit our website to learn more about e-commerce not only from a legal point of view.

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